116: The Predator

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Get to the choppers! This week we face off with the universe's most lethal hunters in The Predators. Join us as we compare this to the first Predator movie, talk about our love for the loony bus and discuss our favorite Shane Black movies! Enjoy!

Time Stamp

Why The Predator?: 0:43

The Predator Review: 3:57

Top 5 Parts of The Predator: 4:33

Problems: 16:08

Quotes: 19:04

TNT Trivia: 23:11

Final Thoughts: 33:51

Themed Recasting of The Predator: 37:24

Ranking Top 5 Shane Black Movies: 42:38

Geek News: 45:15



115: A Knight's Tale

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

It's called a lance. Hello? Join us as we talk about great music and jousting in A Knight’s Tale. This week we talk about whether we’ve been to Medieval Times, and try to recast this modern/ period piece film for the present day. Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Why A Knights Tale?: 0:55

A Knights Tale Review: 6:28

Top 5 Parts of A Knights Tale: 6:51

Problems: 16:42

Quotes: 19:14

TNT Trivia: 23:17

Final Thoughts: 31:29

Themed Recasting of A Knights Tale: 32:20

Ranking Top 5 Heath Ledger Movies: 39:06



114: Batman: Hush

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Riddle me this- What do you get when a new DC animated movie comes out? A Tim N’ Tony Review of Batman: Hush! This week we discuss the differences between the Hush comic book story line and the animated movie, talk about how scary the Scarecrow is and dive into everything that happened during D23! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Why Batman: Hush?: 0:49

Batman: Hush Review: 3:51

Top 5 Parts of Batman: Hush: 4:12

Problems/Differences: 12:11

Quotes: 21:23

TNT Trivia: 24:05

Final Thoughts: 31:29

Themed Recasting of Batman: Hush: 32:48

Ranking Top 5 Batman Animated Movies: 39:22

Geek News: 43:53

TNT Coming Soon: 1:00:11


113: Idiocracy

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Today’s episode is brought to you by Carl’s Jr. Join us in the year 2505 where we review the movie Idiocracy. This week we talk about the devolution of man, the use of real companies in the film and recast it with some new comedians! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Why Idiocracy?: 1:09

Idiocracy Review: 3:34

Top 5 Parts of Idiocracy: 4:48

Quotes: 14:27

TNT Trivia: 17:33

Final Thoughts: 23:50

Themed Recasting of Idiocracy: 24:30

Ranking Top 5 Luke Wilson Movies: 28:23

Geek News: 29:57

TNT Coming Soon: 36:59


112: Olympus Has Fallen & White House Down

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Get your hands off our Jordan’s! This week we try something new and compare 2 “twin” movies that came out the same year. Join us as we talk about the similarities and differences of these movies, have some interesting recasting choices, and how we may now be on some government list for our search histories! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Why Olympus Has Fallen & White House Down?: 1:05

Olympus Has Fallen & White House Down Review: 5:44

Top 3 Parts Olympus Has Fallen: 6:35

Top 3 Parts White House Down: 12:03

Similarities & Differences: 18:33

Quotes: 23:16

TNT Trivia: 29:01

Final Thoughts: 39:37

Tim's Olympus Has Fallen Complaint: 43:47

Themed Recasting of Olympus Has Fallen & White House Down: 45:05

Ranking White House Destruction Movies: 54:53

Geek News: 57:33

TNT Coming Soon: 1:11:23



111: Baby Driver

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Vroom vroom it’s go time Baby! This week we navigate the streets of Atlanta in the newest Edgar Wright adventure Baby Driver. Join us as we quote Baby Driver (Monsters Inc) and rank our favorite car chase movies! Enjoy!

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Time Stamps

Why Baby Driver?: 0:54

TNT Trivia: 1:42

Baby Driver Review: 10:54

Trailer: 11:19

Top 5 Parts: 15:10

Problems: 23:46

Quotes: 25:10

Recasting Baby Driver: 27:55

Final Thoughts: 34:16

Ranking Car Chase Movies: 41:43



110: Independence Day: Resurgence

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

They like to get the landmarks! This week we prepared 20 years for another alien attack in Independence Day: Resurgence! Join us as we talk about the returning cast, blow Tony’s mind on what Roland Emmerich has directed and discuss all the nostalgic moments in this spirited sequel! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Why Independence Day: Resurgence?: 0:50

Independence Day: Resurgence Review: 3:42

Top 5 Parts: 4:10

Problems: 18:02

Quotes: 20:50

TNT Trivia: 26:17

Final Thoughts: 35:33

Recasting The Patriot: 38:30

Ranking Roland Emmerich Movies: 44:26

Geek News: 47:54

TNT Coming Soon: 58:30



109: Independence Day

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Welcome to Earth! This week we try to save mankind from extinction in Independence Day! Join us as we listen to the best presidential speech ever #mypresident and talk about a great movie bromance! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Why Independence Day?: 0:57

Independence Day Review: 3:02

Top 5 Parts: 3:46

Problems: 12:52

Quotes: 14:05

TNT Trivia: 20:04

Final Thoughts: 29:53

Recasting Independence Day: 32:22

Ranking Alien Invasion Movies: 39:00

Geek News: 43:40

TNT Coming Soon: 57:43



108: The Patriot

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Aim small, Miss small. Join us as we go back to when history started and talk about The Patriot! This week we go back to 1776 to the Revolutionary War and talk about tomahawk skillz, fantastic chuckles and get sidetracked talking about Assassin’s Creed! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Why The Patriot?: 0:45

The Patriot Review: 3:35

Top 5 Parts: 4:10

Problems: 17:42

Quotes: 20:50

TNT Trivia: 24:05

Final Thoughts: 32:14

Recasting The Patriot: 35:20

Ranking Mel Gibson Movies: 43:32

Geek News: 48:49

TNT Coming Soon: 55:42



107: Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

You want to be a sicario… let’s talk about how this sequel lived up to it’s predecessor. Join us as we talk about how much of a badass Benicio Del Toro is in this movie along with debating the end of the film. Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Catch Up and What's New: 0:52

Coming Soon/Geek News/Trivia: 3:49

Sicario: Day of the Soldado Review: 14:45

Top 5 Parts: 16:30

Problems: 28:23

Quotes: 33:05

Final Thoughts: 40:33

Ranking Benicio del Toro Movies: 43:05