95: Captain America: Civil War

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Mission Report: April 17th, 2019… Tim N’ Tony talk about their favorite parts of Captain America: Civil War as well as continue their casting of the MCU. Join us as we discuss everything from a new Bruce Wayne to The Rise of Skywalker! Thinks for thanking of us!

Time Stamps

Geek news: 4:24

Coming Soon: 12:37

TNT Trivia: 23:55

Captain America: Civil War Review: 32:11

Trailer: 32:29

Top 5 Parts: 35:54

Problems: 49:01

Quotes: 51:19

Final Thoughts: 58:25

Recast the MCU: 1:00:15

Ranking Chris Evans Movies: 1:05:25



94: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Excelsior! The Avengers team up for round two against Ultron and we get to meet the Maximoff’s. He's fast, she's weird. Join us this week as we talk about our favorite parts of Avengers: Age of Ultron! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Geek news: 5:11

TNT Trivia: 21:12

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review: 31:32

Trailer: 32:12

Top 5 Parts: 34:38

Problems: 47:04

Quotes: 50:17

Recast: 54:53

Final Thoughts: 1:00:06

Ranking Robert Downey Jr. Movies: 1:02:17



93: The Avengers

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Avengers Assemble! This week we discuss how a puny god tries to take over Earth but a demi-god, a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend, a man with breath-taking anger management issues, and a couple of master assassins avenge the Earth! Join us as we talk about the team up movie that started it all The Avengers! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Geek news: 5:34

TNT Trivia: 21:31

The Avengers Review: 28:55

Trailer: 29:19

Top 5 Parts: 31:50

Problems: 42:19

Quotes: 44:59

Recast: 49:01

Final Thoughts: 52:44

Ranking Avengers Movies: 55:17



92: The Departed

Mild Mannered Movie Review…

Our target: microprocessors. Yes, those. I don't know what they are, you don't know what they are, So lets find out this week in the Departed. Join us this week as we try to hide a body in the marsh with The Departed expert Matt Stang! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

TNT Trivia: 1:56

The Departed Review: 11:32

Top 5 Parts: 12:00

Problems: 21:51

Quotes: 25:25

Recast: 33:49

Final Thoughts: 41:37

Ranking Matt Damon Movies: 43:13



91: The Quiet Man

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Stop playing patty-fingers and listen to Tim N’ Tony’s review of the John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara classic The Quiet Man. Join us as we talk about some of our favorite Michaleen moments along with all the DC news this week! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Geek News: 3:48

Coming Soon: 12:22

TNT Trivia: 17:33

The Quiet Man Review: 28:35

Trailer: 29:06

Top 5 Parts: 31:00

Problems: 38:28

Quotes: 41:33

Recast: 46:39

Final Thoughts: 47:46

Ranking Irish Movies: 53:37



90: Rudy

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Rudy was 5 foot nothin', 100 and nothin', and had barely a speck of athletic ability but this week we talk about how he played with the best college football players in the land. Join us as we talk about one of our favorite football movies Rudy! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Geek News: 4:57

Coming Soon: 15:39

TNT Trivia: 21:46

Rudy Review: 30:00

Trailer: 31:08

Top 5 Parts: 33:40

Problems: 42:58

Quotes: 44:25

Recast: 47:52

Final Thoughts: 48:54

Ranking True Story Football Movies: 50:37


89: I Love You, Man

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

I Love You, Man. I love you too, bud. I love you dude. Join us as we slappa dat bass mon with this comedy filled bromance movie. We talk about going on man-dates, jamming out to RUSH, trying to sell the Ferrigno estate, and about our best friends. And Hank Marducas. Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Geek News: 4:49

Coming Soon: 12:19

TNT Trivia: 18:03

I Love You, Man Review: 26:48

Trailer: 27:37

Top 5 Parts: 30:27

Problems: 37:59

Quotes: 39:36

Recast: 43:38

Final Thoughts: 45:00

Ranking Romantic Comedy Movies: 46:37



88: Hitch

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Basic Principles… There are none. Join us as we have on special guest Kirk Brown as our resident Hitch expert! This week we try to get the girl while talking about everything Hitch, along with ranking our favorite Will Smith movies! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

TNT Trivia: 1:24

Hitch Review: 10:15

Top 5 Parts: 10:40

Problems: 18:52

Quotes: 20:45

Recast: 24:55

Final Thoughts: 27:36

Ranking Will Smith Movies: 28:26



87: Wedding Crashers

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion! Join us this week as we talk about crab cakes and football, in Wedding Crashers! This week we quote the entire movie while discussing our favorite parts of this great romantic comedy! Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Geek News: 4:08

Coming Soon: 11:11

TNT Trivia: 19:19

Wedding Crashers Review: 27:35

Top 5 Parts: 31:20

Problems: 42:49

Quotes: 45:14

Recast: 50:03

Final Thoughts: 52:58

Ranking Romantic Comedy Movies: 55:21



86: Groundhog Day

Mild-Mannered Movie Review…

Join us as we review one of the best time loop movies, Groundhog Day! Join us as we review our first romantic comedy of the month, Groundhog Day! Join us as we review one of our favorite Bill Murray movies, Groundhog Day!

Time Stamps

Glass Spoilers - 2:02

Geek News: 4:25

Coming Soon: 12:55

TNT Trivia: 20:17

Groundhog Day Review: 29:03

Top 5 Parts: 29:50

Problems: 35:46

Quotes: 36:37

Recast: 39:16

Final Thoughts: 40:14

Ranking Time Loop Movies: 42:03