34: Overboard (1987)

Mild-Mannered Movie Review

Don't get amnesia and forget to listen to our new episode where we talk about the 1987 classic Overboard before the remake comes out this weekend. We also discuss our time at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest and C2E2 this past weekend. Enjoy!

Time Stamps

Heroes and Villains Fan Fest and C2E2: 2:21
Geek News: 6:57
Side Note on Video Problems: 11:03
Movie Mashup: 14:28
TvT Trivia: 20:13
Overboard Review: 30:07
     Top 5 Parts: 32:17
     Problems: 39:03
     Quotes: 41:18
     Recasting: 44:36
Ranking Kurt Russell Movies: 47:15