40: Miracle

Mild-Mannered Movie Review

Do you believe in Miracles? YES! This week the NHL Playoffs are in full swing so we decided to talk about one of our favorite hockey movies Miracle. So PLAY YOUR GAME! And make sure you don't miss out on this one. Also this week we talk about Avengers: Infinity War without spoilers and at the end of the episode with spoilers. Enjoy!

Time Stamps


Geek News: 3:06

Dynamic Book Duo: 17:03

(Possible Infinity War Spoilers) TvT Trivia: 27:16

Miracle Review: 44:50

Top 5 Parts: 46:24

Problems: 53:23

Quotes: 55:22

Recasting: 1:01:37

Ranking Hockey Movies: 1:03:10