18: Spider-Man (2002)

Mild-Mannered Movie Review...

On this special episode of Mild-Mannered Movie Review we had our resident Spider-Fan Tim Gavin on the show to talk about the movie that started it all Spider-Man(2002). We dive deep into all the reasons we loved this movie and how this movie was one of the first to start the superhero movie craze. Also we have included time stamps for the segments and links to the trailers that we discussed on YouTube.


Here are some time stamps for our episode on Spider-Man!

Geek News - 2:42
TVT Trivia - 18:25 Scores, Starting - 19:53 Ending - 37:13
Main Topic Spider-Man - 37:55
Mannequin Picture - 56:10

Also here are the links for the trailers we discussed. Enjoy!

Deadpool 2
Tremors 6
TMNT Gameplay

Here are just a few photos of the things we talked about in the previous episode.