HAPPY! Season 1 Review (spoiler free)


How best to describe Happy!, this show is a simple buddy cop show if it was 12 shots of tequila deep, on coke, acid, and morphine at the same time; O and one of the partners is a tiny blue unicorn flying around. The show follows Christopher Meloni who plays Nick Sax a disgraced ex-cop turned hitman with a slight substance abuse problem (haha, slight). After suffering from a heart attack while murdering some mobsters Sax starts to see a blue unicorn flying around calling himself Happy, voiced by Patton Oswalt, who is Hailey's imaginary friend and was looking for Sax to help find her. This dynamic duo need to become unlikely partners to save Hailey from a very bad Santa. 

Over the course of the 8 episode season we get to see all the trouble that Sax and Happy can get into trying to save Hailey. The show knows how ridiculous the concept is and they lean into it, it only gets crazy as it goes on. Christopher Meloni plays his role to perfection, we have seen him in serious roles and comedic roles, and Happy! gives us the best of both worlds. He goes from fighting 5 guys off at once like a bad-ass, to talking to himself on the street corner covered in blood like a crazy person. Not only is his performance great but so is the rest of the cast; especially Patton Oswalt, he brings the tiny blue unicorn to life and I couldn't imagine any other voice to do that. Also Ritchie Coster as Francisco "Blue" Scaramucci and Joseph D. Reitman as Very Bad Santa both of these characters are on opposite sides of the villain spectrum and are played to perfection. There is also Patrick Fischler as Smoothie the sociopath for hire that works for Blue, Medina Senghore as Amanda Hansen Nick's ex-wife who's looking for her daughter Hailey, and Lili Mirojnick as Det. Meredith "Merry" McCarthy Nick's ex-partner who's working for Blue. All these things come together to create a truly unique show, I highly recommend you watch.


posted by Tim Redmond