Krypton : First Reaction


When first hearing about Krypton I was hesitant about why I would want to watch a show that is two generations before Kal-El is born. I also thought the same thing about Gotham, why would I want to watch a show about Jim Gordon and not Batman(Gotham is one of my favorite shows now). But like Gotham this show proved me wrong and has hooked me after one episode. Krypton tells the story of Seg-El, Superman's grandfather, and his journey to save Krypton from Brainiac who has traveled from the future to make sure Superman was never born. Seg is not alone in his endeavor, Adam Strange has traveled through space and time (through Zeta Beams which he hasn't mentioned by name yet) to warn Seg of the coming invasion. We are also introduced to a bunch of different characters which is not too overwhelming to keep track of even with the kryptonian names. They did a good job of fleshing out the characters and the surrounding world of Krypton. There are also a lot of nods not only to the comic book but to past Superman movies. First off the overall feel of the show seems like the Krypton from the Man of Steel movie, but also when they leave Kandor it has a Superman 1978 Krypton feel too it as well. They did a good job of blending the two interpretations of Krypton into one. Overall this show did a very good job on its first episode to show us what to expect the rest of the season and after SYFY knocked it out of the park with HAPPY! I cannot wait to see what happens with this show. For more on Krypton tune in to our upcoming episode of TV Talk... episode 31. Krypton airs Wednesday 9pm on SYFY.


Posted by Tim Redmond