Batman: Gotham by Gaslight


We go back to the 19th century to see what Gotham would have been like and how Batman would of operated back then.  I am a huge fan of the else-world stories and this is a great concept and this movie is awesome. Lets start with the cast, one of the things I love about the DC animated universe is the immense talent they bring in and this was no exception Bruce Greenwood is a great Batman and Jennifer Carpenter is fantastic as Selina Kyle. We get to see many fan favorite characters throughout the movie in different roles; Pamela Isley, Harvey Dent, Hugo Strange and three orphan boys named Dick, Jason and Tim. It's fun seeing all these characters in Victorian Gotham and the interesting takes they have on them. The story is interesting, Batman who has recently started his vigilantism is going up a worthy foe in Jack the Ripper. This movie will have you guessing till the very end who he is and the adventure getting there is amazing. I can't recommend this movie enough, go out and watch it! 

Posted by Tim Redmond